Fibromyalgia (FM) has only been an officially recognized medical condition since 1991. Before then, it was sometimes called "Fibrositis", but often patients suffering with this painful muscular pain were often told 'it will go away' or brushed aside as not a medical problem, but something else. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes debilitating pain, most commonly widespread muscular pain and fatigue. You may also experience a variety of other related symptoms ranging from jaw pain to headaches, fatigue and more. You are generally miserable most days and relief seems almost impossible - it's not, we can help control the pain and make those days less miserable, possibly many good days - with proper treatment.

The primary symptom, pain, often moves throughout your entire body, usually between your shoulder blades, on your forearms and outer thighs, and throughout your neck and back.
Some may experience lower energy levels, memory & focusing and varying degrees of sleep disorders, anxiety and/or depression.
No two people are alike and symptoms vary.

It is most noticeable when you use your muscles, particularly with repetitive activities. Your pain can be so severe it may significantly limit your ability to lead a full life. Without treatment, you could find yourself unable to work in your chosen profession and may have difficulty performing everyday tasks.
As a result of such muscle pain, you may find severely limited in your normal activities including exercise routines. The less activity you get, the more out of shape which eventually makes your Fibromyalgia syndrome symptoms worse. It is a vicious cycle that can often be broken.
The combination of pain and multiple other symptoms often leads medical providers to pursue an extensive battery of tests - which are nearly always normal. An experience Medical Pain Management Specialist will be able to recognize Fibromyalgia symptoms reducing the number of unnecessary tests to rule out. If you suspect or have already been diagnosed with no improvement, we can help you with the chronic pain management.