Often known as "Curvature of the Spine" - sounds minor, but can cause such chronic pain that it's major.We all have curves in our spines, but scoliosis causes the spine to curve in the wrong direction.
It causes sideways curves, and those are different from the spine's normal curves.
Generally associated with adolescents and normally all of us have scoliosis to some degree. Most of us are rarely affected to the degree that it becomes the source of constant and debilitating pain.
And, the curvature of your spine itself is not necessarily the source of your pain, depending upon the degree of curvature, it can cause a variety of other conditions. Explaining this condition in technical, medical terms using diagrams does not give justice to the Actual effect on your life - nobody else can comprehend the daily, unrelenting chronic pain except you and others suffering from this condition.
We not only comprehend & understand, but can help you manage the pain using the most effective combination of treatments for your unique circumstances & resulting effects of Scoliosis of your spine.

Diagram of a normal spine

Diagram of Scoliosis

Actual illustration of Scoliosis

Actual illustration of Scoliosis

These photos better illustrate how severe Scoliosis a/k/a curvature of the spine can become for you and how it affects your daily life.
If you are suffering from Severe 'Curvature of the Spine', show this page to anyone in your life who may not understand what daily life may have become for you.

If you are suffering with scoliosis pain, give us a call - we can help you!